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A discussion about pain. Questions and Answers
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By Dr. Michael Zitney

What is the purpose of pain?

Pain serves an important role in our bodies. Pain is like our house alarm, which tells us when there is damage or potential damage taking place in our bodies. Without an intact pain system, we would suffer many more injuries.

Core Stability
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Core Stability by Simon Dainton

Soldiers go into battle wearing body armour for protection. It saves them from injury and ultimately they live to fight another day. You go into ‘battle' every day, fighting your way through crowds and traffic to make a living, but most of you aren't using your body armour. You make a sudden move, twist or turn to pick something up, and ‘ouch!' You hurt your back.

Alleviate Back Pain with Pilates
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Low back pain is one of the most common complaints from males over the age of 20. Many women also experience a number of different acute or chronic injuries to their lower back as well. Despite the multitude of recovery options available, ranging from medication to surgery, there is one method that has continued to prove successful.

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